Micrometal´s etching services enable the production of highly precise and complex structures. By photo chemical machining, we etch custom metal components with tight tolerances in large, industrial quantities. Our continuous production technology also allows the manufacture of endless strips of components (so called Reel-to-Reel production). Only a few photo etching companies worldwide are offering this advantageous process.

Advantages of our R2R Photo-Chemical Etching Service

  • › Unique precision chem etch technology
  • › Stress- and burr-free metal products
  • › Industrial use and special applications
  • › Economic production of very high volumes
  • Stainless steel and a variety of other metals & alloys processible
  • › Ready-to-ship products on reels, or as sheets for direct further finishing on your production line

Video about Micrometal´s continuous photo chemical etching service