Micrometal is the industry expert in photo chemical etching in high production volumes. Our unique chemical etching process delivers highly accurate metal parts with tightest tolerances. With highest reproducibility superfine structures are continuously etched into thin metal band - starting from 25 micron thickness.

Our photo-chemically etched parts are always clean, burr- and stressfree. These customer specific products from stainless steel and a wide range of other metals are used in various precision applications and industries worldwide. It makes us the leading precision metal etching manufacturer. Micrometal - excellence in etching.

Micrometal has expanded its expertise in photochemical etching by acquiring in July 2019 the Company Etchfom in Hilversum, Netherlands. In addition to endless etching (Micrometal) and sheet etching (HP Etch), it is now possible to etch special metals and alloys as titanium, gold, molybdenium, etc.  

Etch Applications by Sector

  • Automobile

    Chemical Etching for the Automotive Industry | Micrometal
    The automotive industry demands highest quality, combined with ever tighter tolerances and complex metal components: Micrometal´s chemical etching process provides the appropriate solutions and is IATF 16949:2016 certified.
  • Medical

    Chemical Etching for the Medical Sector | Micrometal
    Micrometal´s photo etching technology is particularly suitable for medical devices. Precision parts are always burr-free and can offer improved biocompatibility.
  • Chemical

    Photo Etching for the Chemical Industry | Micrometal
    As leading manufacturer of precision metal parts, Micrometal meets the high requirements of the chemical industry. Our standards in precision etching are industry-leading.
  • Consumer & Capital Goods

    Etching for the Consumer & Capital Goods Sector
    High-resolution screens for a perfect coffee or sharp blades for a perfect shave: the application possibilities of our etching services are virtually endless.

Typical Etched Metal Parts

  • Filter & Sieves

    Photo chemically etched automotive filter
    Micrometal can photo-chemically etch high-precision metallic filters and sieves (often made out stainless steel) in millions of units for different applications in chemical, automobile and food industries.
  • Needles & Blades

    Photo Etched Needles & Blades | Micrometal
    Sharp metallic blades and needles can be produced by photochemical etching in very large numbers.
  • Surface & Function

    Photo etched medical micro comb
    With photochemical etching, areas on metal surfaces can be defined half etched or partly removed.
  • Precision Parts

    Chemical etching - endless metal strip
    Micrometal's continuous etching process allows the cost-effective production of high-precision thin metal parts in high volumes.

Advantages of Photo Etching

  • Industrial Volumes

    Continuous Industrial Etching in highest Precision
    Thanks to the continous in-line process, we can produce high volumes very economically - on request as an endless product (so called reel-to-reel etching)
  • High Precision

    Regular cones and holes under a microscope - made by precision chemical etching
    Micrometal can etch photo-chemically with exceptional accuracy, made possible by our special wet-lacquer photoresist, precision glass tools, and highly controlled Inline process.
  • Complex Shapes

    Photo-chemically machined metal precision grid
    Various structures: complex geometries for lancets, scalpels, blades and many other precision components are manufactured in mass production scale.
  • Reel to Reel Etching

    Reel-to-Reel Photo Chemical Etching | Micrometal
    Etching with unique technology: Micrometal is one of the only companies worldwide, that has perfected the process of continuous photo etching of metals.
  • Steel Etching & more

    Steel coils - raw material for various etched parts
    The favorable material properties together with the large number of possible alloys make stainless steel the metal of choice for many applications in different industries.
  • Additional Services

    Additional Processing Possibilities of Etched Parts
    In cooperation with our partners we can offer further processing like injection molding, forming, diffusion welding, laser welding or selective coating.