Agility and innovation

The electronics industry is a rapidly changing and dynamic sector, synonymous with innovation and the demand for very often complex parts and components manufactured to exacting tolerances, quickly and cost effectively. This — and the fact that there is a push for ever smaller microelectronics — shows why micrometal's Etching Group's photochemical etching process is a perfect fit.

The photochemical etching process is used to produce geometrically complex, often feature-rich electronic parts and components. However, electronics OEMs not only need to ensure micron-scale tolerances are achieved on such parts, but this accuracy sometimes has to be achieved given the safety-critical nature of many electronics applications.

Advantages and benefits for electronics

  • High design freedom - you benefit from realizing geometric complexity.
  • Costs do not increase with complexity - you benefit from competitive part prices regardless of their complexity.
  • Achieve repeatable ultra-low tolerances - you benefit from accurate parts, from the first part to the millionth, supporting the longevity and quality of your applications.
  • Multiple different parts are possible in each production run - you benefit from a high degree of flexibility even in volume production.
  • Stress- and burr-free parts - you benefit from lfewer post-processing disturbances, which contributes to end-use product integrity and safety.
  • Quickly manufacturable and cost-effective tools - you benefit from maximum flexibility to adapt to new conditions.


  • Lead Frames
  • Sensors
  • Flat springs / bends
  • Connectors
  • Semiconductor components
  • Shields
  • Seals
  • Washers

Cost-efficient Manufacturing

For most electronics OEMs, it's all about producing ever more functionality at ever lower cost in a highly competitive sector. To succeed, increasingly complex and innovative electronic parts and components must be manufactured, and this is where photo-chemical etching comes into its own. The ability to produce complicated metal parts with a technology that does not become more expensive with increased complexity, where the first part is the same as the millionth because there is no tool wear, and which can process a wide variety of metals is the key to success.

Photo Chemical Etching
- A Compelling Alternative
Discover the advantages that our metal etching technique offers in this webinar (approx. 20 min).