Etched filters - precise and versatile

Many industries demand the manufacture of increasingly intricate and geometrically complex filters and fabrics, which are often designed with custom and non-standard diffusers/passages and aperture arrangements for a wide range of industrial applications.

To meet these requirements, OEMs need to choose a precise and versatile manufacturing technology tailored to the needs of companies requiring innovative filters and fabrics. This is where the micrometal's Etching Group's photo-chemical process comes into play.

The speed, cost efficiency and accuracy of the photochemical manufacturing process is critical for filter applications. So is the fact that parts are stress- and burr-free, geometric complexity is not constrained and does not increase costs, and design changes are quick and simple through the use of easy-to-create digital/ glass tooling.

Advantages and benefits in filter technology

  • Stress- and burr-free products – you benefit from fewer post-processing disturbances, which contributes to end-use product integrity and safety.
  • Quickly manufacturable and cost-effective tools– you benefit from maximum flexibility to adapt to new conditions.
  • High degrees-of-freedom in product design – you benefit from a huge range of part design options — you are one step closer to your desired solution.
  • Production of very small passages with different geometries – you benefit from an extremely wide range of design options for your parts.
  • Production in a wide variety of metals –you benefit from great flexibility in material selection to perfectly fit your requirements.


  • Intake grille

  • Filtration grilles

  • Automotive interior grilles

  • Implantable medical devices

  • Diagnostic / laboratory medical test equipment
  • Valves

We can custom manufacture

The versatility of micrometal's Etching Group's photo-chemical process removes the limitations OEMs consistently experience when designing filters and fabrics. This allows us to innovate and open up the opportunity to produce truly customized filters and fabrics that meet the exact requirements of your end application. We are able to produce highly complex filters and meshes in a variety of metals — including difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium and its alloys — so we can successfully achieve what you may have previously thought impossible.

Photo Chemical Etching
- A Compelling Alternative
Discover the advantages that our metal etching technique offers in this webinar (approx. 20 min).