The Etching Group

There are three companies behind the Etching Group: micrometal GmbH, HP Etch AB, and Etchform BV. Together we form the "Etching Group", a 100% subsidiary of our parent company, the Wickeder Westfalenstahl Group.

The Etching Group can draw on several decades of know-how in microsystems technology — the basis for its worldwide success.

At all three locations in Müllheim (Germany), Järfalla (Sweden) and Hilversum (The Netherlands), high-precision metallic products are manufactured using the photo-chemical etching process. Each of the sites is specialist in particular aspects of photo chemical manufacturing processes and has additional manufacturing know-how in the extended value chain.

In recent years, the Etching Group has grown substantially. Today, 140 dedicated employees work at the Group's various locations.

We are a global player but at the same time we do not underestimate the importance of local proximity to our customers. This means that you always have a competent contact person close to you.


micrometal was founded in 2006 in Müllheim, Baden, Germany, and is considered the inventor of the fully cross-linked INLINE etching technology. This is a highly automated and continuous manufacturing process that guarantees the highest degree of repeatability, process stability, and economic efficiency.

By means of Reel-to-Reel Inline lithography, a wide variety of geometrically demanding structures can be created. Our in-house developed mask technology also enables the control of the etching process in the 3rd dimension. This means that specific breakthrough geometries can also be produced, with a symmetrical or asymmetrical cross-sectional area depending on the exposure and etching parameters. This enables micrometal to produce complex geometries for medical products such as lancets, scalpels, and blades on a large scale.


Etchform was founded in 1980 in Hilversum, The Netherlands, and supplies complete and customised solutions for thin precision parts in almost all metals, based on batch etching technology and electroforming.

In addition, Etchform's offerings also include forming, precision mechanical/surface/heat treatments, laser operations, assembly, and clean room packaging. This allows our customers to focus on their core competencies.

HP Etch

HP Etch from Stockholm, Sweden has specialised in high-precision etching of thin metals since 1982. Vertical integration and the large selection of materials in stock enables rapid delivery from prototypes to large series.

Bending and forming technology — based on CNC-controlled machines — are part of the extensive range of solutions, as are special coating technologies.

Parylene coating technology (polymer coating) in particular is used for products that are exposed to extreme conditions and environmental influences, for example in the electronics, aerospace, medical, and mechanical engineering industries.

Photo Chemical Etching
- A Compelling Alternative
Discover the advantages that our metal etching technique offers in this webinar (approx. 20 min).