If you can sketch it, we can etch it.

Photo-chemical etching offers an almost unlimited freedom of design. Whether as smallest holes, or filigree channel structures - cost-effective & efficient.

A wide variety of structures can be realised through photo-chemical etching. Because of our specially developed mask technology, we are able to control the etching process in the third dimension in a defined way. Because of this, specific breakthrough geometries can be produced three-dimensionally. It is also possible to integrate local thinning of the metal on your high precision application, so called half-etches and partial-etches. This allows micrometal to produce complex geometries for lancets, scalpels, and blades at volume.

This can be the decisive advantage for your application.

The "filtered" solution

Smallest holes, thinnest webs, greatest stability - Etched filters are perfectly suited to the photo-chemical etching process as they combine high stability with precision and the finest of passages. Design freedom creates additional features that make your product unique.

Your advantages:

  • The cone-shaped opening of the holes guarantees optimum “back-flushability”.
  • The surface is burr-free, which makes the filters very easy to clean.
  • The filters are characterized by extreme stability. Pressures up to 250 bar are accommodated without any problems.
  • The design of the hole geometry allows very high design freedom.

The "see-through" solution

Maximum transmission on a defined surface - While fine screens have a maximum transmission of 30-40%, we achieve values of 90% with our photo chemical etching process. Our sophisticated technological know-how enables us to create extremely thin webs (approx. 40% of material thickness) in order to maximize the passages on the surface.

Your advantages:

  • Thermal and mechanical stresses are avoided due to the material-friendly machining process. This ensures optimized stability and safety for your application.
  • Product design can perfectly match your vision, thus we realise the requirements for your specific application.
  • Photo-chemically produced products are absolutely burr-free, which means optimised post-processing and thus higher production and product safety.

The "sharp and smooth" solution

micrometal masters a patented process for producing rounded edges in a two-stage process. This opens up new application possibilities. For example, an etched needle with a filigree tip combined with smooth and sharp areas is possible.

Your advantages:

  • Sharp edges optimize the cutting function, while the smooth side provides the gliding function, which can avoid skin irritations ( e.g. shaving foils).
  • Reworking of parts is not necessary. This saves further costs and effort.

The "channelled" solution

Filigree channel structures - Filigree channel structures for the flow of materials such as gases or fluids can be produced. In the picture opposite, 325 µm deep channels were created in 400 µm thick material. Heating conductors can also be created in a similar way. In a very small space and with a minimal cross-section, high heat generation is possible with high resistance.

Your advantages:

  • Creation of complex designs for your project
  • Cost-effective tool production, which is not subject to wear and tear and can therefore be used indefinitely.
  • Processing of thick starting materials which are then thinned out

The "economical" solution

Predetermined breaking points, fold lines, suspensions, reference points - We think one step further. Due to the possibility of purchasing products as strip goods, the next processing steps for components can be defined at an early stage, which means they can take place cost-effectively and efficiently.

Your advantages:

  • Suspensions can be defined so that the parts can be removed easily, safely and quickly and fed to the subsequent production step.
  • Parts are given defined predetermined breaking points, which are used for subsequent separation in order to optimise further processing.
  • With additional markings, numbering or coding, our etched products can be automatically processed further without interference. Using markers or codes, the sensors in your system can automatically and reliably recognise, count, and selectively pick up the parts that are fed in.

Adjust once and never readjust again? The high repeatable accuracy of our production system makes this a reality.

Photo Chemical Etching
- A Compelling Alternative
Discover the advantages that our metal etching technique offers in this webinar (approx. 20 min).