What our customers say about us

“Metronom Health is a start-up medical device company developing a completely unique technology in the minimally invasive, body wearable, bio-sensor market. We have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with micrometal, and they have been incredibly supportive as we transition from pure technology development and R&D, to the commercialization of our product. micrometal's ability to satisfy our precise part configuration requirements utilizing their highly scalable and automated manufacturing process has been a game changer for Metronom. In my experience, the technical expertise that exists in micrometal’s German factory and their US-based technical support staff is unmatched in the world”. I highly recommend micrometal as a supply chain partner ….. on a 1 to 10 scale, they are clearly a 10 in my book.”

[Mel Waite
Vice President of Operations
Metronom Health Inc
Laguna Hills, Calif. ]

What our suppliers say about us

The cooperation between Zapp Precision Metals and micrometal GmbH has existed for more than 20 years.

For micrometal, it is indispensable to have a reliable supplier of steel precision strips which can be seen as a partner as well as a solution provider. We do not buy finished products from a catalogue, but develop new solutions with Zapp GmbH, which in turn must meet the requirements of our customers.

This path is not simple, and requires willingness and technical know-how to be able to and to want to tackle new obstacles. This pragmatism and the desire to solve challenges characterizes both companies, as does the production of continually optimized stress-free photo-chemically processed materials. For micrometal’s customers, this means that finished products achieve absolute flatness and straightness, especially advantageous for any necessary post-processing.

"We really appreciate the fact that the experts at micrometal think and act in the customer's best interests throughout the entire value chain. Often, a technically superior and more cost-effective result can be achieved if product properties are developed before photochemical processing; for example a defined surface roughness can be achieved during cold rolling," says Dr. Paul Campbell, Head of Sales at Zapp Precision Metals GmbH.

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What our partners say about us

The extensive know-how in the production of the thinnest metal foils makes micrometal a valuable partner for us. The precisely etched foils enable us to conduct research in the field of diffusion bonding, that would otherwise not be possible. Thus, through our cooperation with micrometal, we can open up completely new industrial fields of application for this method of additive manufacturing.
[Felix Gemse, F&E at ifw Jena]

Photo Chemical Etching
- A Compelling Alternative
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