Sampling strategy

We know how important the sampling of prototypes and or even near-series products is for the validation of your project.
For this reason, we have committed ourselves to an agile methodology, and have developed a sampling strategy that delivers the right package for all important milestones of in your product development program.
The sampling options mentioned below apply to micrometal GmbH specialized in large-scale production. For the companies HP Etch and Etchform, please enquire about smaller series and / or sampling directly.

You are welcome to order our etched samples here.

Your project phase
Early innovation phase
Advanced innovation phase
Pre-development phase
Close-to-Release Phase
Finished hand samples, used for visualization for a first good impression
developed and manufactured according to your design; fast and cost- effective sampling
developed and manufactured under near-series production conditions
developed and manufactured with the series tool on the line under near-series production conditions
Production time sample
within 3 working days
within 10 working days
within 3 – 7 weeks
within 4 weeks
free of charge, no shipping costs
< 1.000 € (basis offer)
< 3.000 € (basis offer)
Basis offer
Standard 3 different hand samples
Standard 1-2 Sheets
Standard 5 Sheets
to be agreed
Delivery method
Hand sample
in sheet
in sheet, short strip, separated
separated, in sheet or reel-to-reel

Requirements: Delivery conditions: ex works, plus shipping costs
Material in sufficient quantity in stock

Photo Chemical Etching
- A Compelling Alternative
Discover the advantages that our metal etching technique offers in this webinar (approx. 20 min).