The continuous photo chemical etching process allows Micrometal to produce endless strips of thin metal parts. These can be wound on reels for ease of further processing. Our unique reel-to-reel etching service enables production of customer specific precision parts in industrial volumes. High reproducibility and tight tolerances are key characteristics of this advanced R2R manufacturing process.

Continuous etching process

On our photo chemical etching line, the thin metal strip goes through the various steps of the machining process. The material band passes from the starting coil (reel) through the etching process until the final packaging step. The finished metal parts can at this stage be packed on coils (reels).


R2R etching: a continuous process from raw material band to finished products on coils.

Precise metal parts in endless strips

The reel-to-reel etching technique enables the production of thin metal parts in endless bands. At the end of the production process, the singulated strips are wound on reels.


They can be delivered as single parts or as bands with a defined length for additional processing or easy integration into the customers' assembly line. The thickness of the metal strip to be processed is between 25 microns and 400 microns.

Direct further processing

The up to 800-meter-long metal strips on reels are often used in industries which already demonstrate a high degree of automation in their own processing. Thus, the etched parts can be selectively coated or used by "Pick & Place" at the final point of production. These procedures are already widely implemented in the medical and automotive industries.