Micrometal is the expert for photo-chemical etching of stainless steel in large quantities. Stainless steel is the first choice for a lot of different applications due to its favorable properties. The variety of alloys permits operation of etched steel parts in very different conditions.

With its precision photo-chemical etching capabilities, our company´s worldwide unique manufacturing process enables finest structures and shapes. These can be etched into a lot of different metals. Just let us know your requirements, and we will be glad to investigate the properties of your material.

Continuous etching of stainless steel

On our Inline production line we can etch your components even as endless strips (so called reel-to-reel etching). You will receive your photo echted metal parts wound on reels. Thus, they are well prepared for further treatments or automatic placement.


Typical examples of stainless steel we etch:

  •    > SS301: austenitic, also known as 1.4310
  •    > SS316L: austenitic, also known as 1.4404
  •    > SS420: martensitic, also known as 1.4028

Variety of metals can be etched

Typical metals that are etched by our Inline process include:

> Stainless steel and other steel alloys (e.g. 7C27Mo2, 1.4028 Mo, Invar, Alloy 42)
> Nickel- and cobalt base materials (e.g. Ni, Mu-metal, HyMu 80, Alloy 52, Elgiloy (Phynox), Kovar, Hastelloys, Inconels, Haynes alloys, Nicrofer)
> Copper and copper alloys (e.g. copper beryllium, bronze, brass, newsilver)
> Amorphous/nanochrystalline materials

Can your requested material be etched?

If you need a different (clad) metal to be etched, please let us know. We will verify its chemical etching properties and determine, whether it can be processed on our continuous etching line.


Please send us you inquiry under info@remove-this.micrometal.de.