Applications asking for very high numbers of holes with similar or different geometry, can profit from Micrometal´s photo chemical etching process. It offers a decisive advantage: free structurabilty.


Various possible break through geometries allow the design of customer specific sieves for almost any application. Etched sieves offer high selectivity and backflushing is easy. Furthermore they are burr-free and easy to clean and to disinfect.


Important for the Automobile Industry: photo chemically etched filters have high tensile strength. Thus they are used e.g. in fuel injection system or as last chance filters in hydraulic devices.


In the Food Industry etched sieves are used in applications such as as coffee machines or for the production of sugar.



Filtration in petrochemistry: complex structures & individual holes

Chemically etched filter for petrochemistry

Perforation geometry: a typical example of an application in the food industry

Close-up of photo etched sieve

Filtration application in the automotive industry: as single part, strip or reel

Photo chemically etched filter for automotive use