In the Chemical Industry Micrometal´s etched filters and sieves are popular. The high precision of holes or location feature geometries safeguards the required quality levels of various chemical products. As these parts offer also a good stability and backflushing capabilities, etched filters and sieves from Micrometal are often preferred over alternative production method (such as metal wire meshes).



Holes with special geometries

The etching of metal provides for flat components, which require a high number of small openings, a large design freedom. The variety of realizable hole forms enables solutions for many demands in chemical engineering.

Etching with high productivity

An important advantage of etching: regardless of the complexity of the structure, our process has a consistently high production efficiency. Thanks to this tool-free process, complicated structures are produced as quickly as regular, circular openings.

Example: stacked filter systems

The filter action is not always the result of through-etched holes, but can also be achieved with metal surface etching and additional limitation by the surface of the next stacked component. In this way, different geometries for filter openings of stacked filters can be produced.

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