Micrometal is a renowned supplier of precision metal components for medical technology companies. For example, photo etched components are used for lancets and microsurgical instruments. Our etching technology is particularly suitable for medical devices that are running in high volumes unchanged over a long period.

Of particular interest is often that etched products are always delivered free of burrs. In addition, for example, implants are benefiting from the possibility of rougher surfaces, as this often leads to a better biocompatibility.

Variety of etchable materials

Micrometal offers you a choice of materials ranging from simple steel to high-quality metals and alloys:

     > stainless steels and other alloy steels
     > Nickel and cobalt-based materials
     > Copper and copper alloys
     > Amorphous or nanocrystalline materials

Typical medical applications

Because of variable design parameters, breakdown geometries with special shapes can be produced.
With the mask technology we have developed, it is possible to precisely control the etching progress in all three dimensions. For example, complex geometries for lancets, scalpels and blades can be produced in large quantities.


An additional advantage: the chemical and physical properties of the material remain unchanged, unlike with other processes.

Following proven standards

Micrometal is microsystem technology know-how accumulated over decades. Especially in the medical field, we have extensive experience. Thus we are accustomed to working according to the standards for the development and manufacturing of medical components.

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