micrometal GmbH is at the forefront of the evolution the photo-chemical etching (PCE) process, and today announces the launch of its new website (www.micrometal.de), which provides an invaluable resource for professionals that are looking for the repeatable and reliable supply of intricate, geometrically complex metal parts and components.

The new website details how the Etching Group made up of micrometal, HP Etch, and Etchform offers unique adaptations of the PCE technology that make its already striking characteristics even more compelling for OEMs pushing the boundaries of what is possible in metal part and component fabrication. The Etching Group offers industry a unique combination of traditional and ground-breaking etching technologies that means that it can serve a range of exacting applications in a huge variety of metals and alloys, and can cater for small volume runs to mass production with ease.

micrometal’s complete focus is on the industrial production of high precision, repeatably accurate micro metal components, and to ensure this the company has enhanced the traditional approach to PCE.

Jochen Kern, Head of Sales and Marketing at micrometal explains, “Industry is beginning to recognise the role that PCE has in the modern supply chain, and how the precision of the technology and unique process criteria allow for the mass manufacture of parts impossible using more conventional metal fabrication techniques. We have spent a lot of time creating our new website, as we feel that it is right that OEMs have a resource at their finger-tips that educates them as to the possibilities that exist through the use of PCE, and the aspects of the standard PCE technology that micrometal has evolved to ensure the manufacture of innovative products. Previously our website focussed heavily on the technical aspects of PCE, which it is of course important to understand. But now, with the growth in interest in the technology, we have devised a website that puts the customer at the heart of proceedings, and they will now very easily be able to assess how micrometal and the PCE process can work for and benefit their specific applications.”

Bernd Lehmann, General Manager at micrometal says, “The reason that we feel the launch of our new website is so important is that for the first time it comprehensively focuses on the practical use of PCE across industry, and at the same time allows us to differentiate the unique aspect of micrometal’s PCE process which makes it market-leading, and how it complements the traditional etching technologies from HP Etch and Etchform. Not all PCE providers are the same, and on www.micrometal.de you will now be able to see the strength that the Etching Group has that allows us to tailor solutions that precisely match our customers’ applications.”

“Our new website very clearly shows which precise applications and industry sectors can benefit from working with the Etching Group, and even goes so far as to focus on individual products. We not only look at how the technology works, and the huge advantages that exist through its use, but we show very clearly to each potential customer the real value of using etching technologies, and the Etching Group in particular. We suggest that any company that is serious about the manufacture of innovative and precise metals parts and components comes to take a look at www.micrometal.de, where you will see how the etching process can work for you,” Lehmann concludes.