Precision Fair 2002 – 16 and 17 November 2022

Precision Fair 2002 – 16 and 17 November 2022 – in Brabanthallen, ‘s-Hertogenbosch (NL)
We look forward to seeing you at the Etchform stand 521 in hall 3.


Photo-chemical etching (PCE) is proving itself to be the most efficient and cost effective manufacturing technology available for the manufacture of plate heat exchangers.

Parylene protective coatings

Parylene is the ultimate protective coating for metal, and is used for protection of equipment, components, and surfaces in a range of end-use applications.

Costing photo-chemical etching

The photo-chemical etching can produce parts impossible to make using alternative processing technologies, but always the cost per part is crucial for manufacturing success.

Tolerance attainment through process optimization

Tolerance attainment through process optimization.
Photo-chemical etching (PCE) is now seen throughout industry as the gold standard when the demand…

Benchmarking photochemical etching

The unique characteristics of photochemical etching overcome many of the issues, associated with more traditional metal cutting technologies….

Precision Titanium Parts & PCE

The demand from many sectors of industry today is for the use of light-weight but strong metals for a variety of applications. As such, titanium is often the material of choice for components used in end-use medical and aerospace products due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, its biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, extensive temperature range, and low […]

Photo Chemical Etching – Optimized!

micrometal’s complete focus is on the industrial production of high precision, repeatably accurate micro metal components, and to ensure this the company has enhanced the traditional approach to PCE. Dr Angel Lopez, Director of Business Development at micrometal says, “Etchant chemistries are only one part of the picture when it comes to providing a truly […]

NEW Photo Chemical Etching Website

micrometal GmbH is at the forefront of the evolution the photo-chemical etching (PCE) process, and today announces the launch of its new website (, which provides an invaluable resource for professionals that are looking for the repeatable and reliable supply of intricate, geometrically complex metal parts and components. The new website details how the Etching […]

The Design Engineer’s Guide to Photo-Chemical Etching

As a precision sheet metal machining technology, photo-chemical etching (PCE) achieves exacting tolerances, is highly repeatable, and in many instances is the only technology that can cost-effectively manufacture precision metal components with the accuracy necessary in demanding and often safety critical applications. Once design engineers select PCE as their preferred metalworking process, it is important […]