With its continuous industrial etching process Micrometal can produce very large quantities of thin metal parts economically. Typical lot sizes often range from 150 m² to 1000 m². But lot sizes up to 30,000 square meters are possible.

The coiled strip can reach a length of up to 800 meters. The number of strips varies depending on the product size. In extreme cases, it may be only a single strip (Coil-to-Coil operation). Continuous industrial etching is ideal for highly accurate compliance with the etching depth. Thus it is also perfect for micro-structuring of metal surfaces.



Reel-to-Reel etching

The heart of Micrometal is the continuous production plant. There, the metal strip is unwound from the roll and passed through all the stations of the etching process. At the end, the individual strips (with the etched products) are then wound onto spools.


Our process spans from working from a reel of metal (the coil) to a final product on a reel (the customized etch part). Or in short: working Reel-to-Reel.

Etching with unique technology

Micrometal is one of the only companies in the world to master and perfect the Reel-to-Reel etching process. Micrometal's inline plant is unique and our team controls a high number of complex variables: more than 300 critical parameters are monitored regularly.


Due to the demands on the flexibility of the material as it passes through the reel-to-reel system, the maximum workable metal thickness is standard around 500 µm.

Etching of endless strips

A continuous single strip can have a length of up to 800 meters (0.5 miles). The number of strips in our Reel-to-Reel process varies depending on the product size. Thus it could also be just one single strip (Coil-to-Coil etching).


Photo chemical etching is particularly well suited, if structuring of the complete coil surface is needed. Our ability to control the exact etch depth is essential for the structuring of various geometries.