A great variety of different industries is using etched metal parts from Micrometal in very high volumes. Potential applications are almost unlimited. Therefore you can find our precision etched components in a wide variety of products including espresso machines and wet razors.



Great coffee taste with etching

Best crema: an example for applied microsystems technology in the consumer goods industry. Our etching process offers the ideal solution to meet the requirements of coffee machines manufacturers for professional use. Highest precision of the metal filter at cost-effective mass production.

Smooth shave with etching

Our mask technology makes it possible to precisely control the etching progress in three dimensions.
The result: even complex geometries for blades can be produced in large quantities. The cutting capacity of a blade is optimized, and the user can directly feelthe difference.

Your specifications, our solutions

Your requirements exceed the ordinary? We are looking forward to embracing new challenges. Even in industries we do not serve yet, or with materials that we would like to become familiar with.

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